Penda Designs Sky Villas with Vertical Gardens for Hyderabad

Penda has released plans for a series of stacked villas that will bring gardens high into the skies of Hyderabad, India. The complex is the second stage of the Magic Breeze project for Pooja Crafted Homes – the first stage featuring a landscape design inspired by Indian stepwells and water mazes. The 450,000 square foot (42,000 square meter) development will include 127 duplex sky villas, ranging in size from 2,600 to 4,000 square feet (240 to 370 square meters), each separated by a double-height private garden terrace. The structure will be integrated into the landscape design, turning the park on its side to continue vertically up the side of the building.


Courtesy of Penda
Courtesy of Penda

In designing the sky villa complex, Penda looked to the architectural typology of “private house with a garden,” surrounding each 2-story unit with a 500 square foot (46 square meter) balcony containing a ribbon of lawn and a modular planter system. By giving each villa a spacious green-space, even when the units are stacked, the complex retains a sense of lightness and openness. Each planter can be filled by the owner with plants of different sizes and species to create a natural backdrop, or to serve as a garden for vegetables and herbs.



Courtesy of Penda

The gardens also work as an effective passive cooling system for the building, providing natural ventilation throughout the complex and shielding residents from the hot Hyderabad climate. This in turn will save up to 60% of the energy consumed by a typical condominium building, reducing the project’s overall carbon footprint.

penda_MagicBreeze3 penda_MagicBreeze8

The entire complex was designed in accordance with the traditional Hindu architectural system of Vaastu, which prescribes principles of design, layout, orientation and spatial geometry, as well as an importance of creating architecture in harmony with nature. Vaastu remains an esteemed practice in modern Indian real estate development, being employed by famed Indian architect Charles Correa in many projects throughout his career. Penda responded to this need by giving as much space as possible back to nature in the form of garden terraces.

The complex is set to begin construction in the fall of this year. By Patrick Lynch.

  • Architects

  • Location

    Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Project Team

    Chris Precht, Sun Dayong, Yu ZiZhi, Xue Bai, Anna Andronova, Sun Mingxue, Xie Kerry
  • Area

    450000.0 ft2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

    Courtesy of Penda

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