Incredible Lift-bit sofa digitally transforms into any shape you want

Versatile furniture is not something new to the market, but the first “digitally transformable sofa” certainly is. The Lift-bit app allows users to remotely change the style and function of their furniture by commanding the individual units to adjust their height – turning a sofa into any variety of furniture users might need. is encouraged for owners of the Lift-bit furniture system designed by Carlo Ratti for the company Vitra. Depending on how the units are laid out you can arrange a winding sofa for party guests, a cozy chaise lounge, and even a bed. Each of the hexagonal stools are upholstered and motorized to rise and fall with the touch of a button.

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The possibilities are truly endless, yet the app includes some configuration suggestions to get started, and anyone can experiment with the designs on their website to see how the system may fit in your own home. Forget needing brute strength and an able body to change your couch into a bed – the future of furniture is digital. By Katie Medlock. Images via Lift-bit.


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