Stay in Van Gogh’s bedroom via Airbnb and the Art Institute of Chicago

The unusual listing is a tie-in to the Art Institute of Chicago’s new show which is centred on Van Gogh’s famous series of works titled The Bedroom, which were painted while he was staying in ‘The Yellow House’ in Arles, France. For the first time in the US, the museum is bringing the three versions of Van Gogh’s bedroom together in one exhibition, and to help promote this, Leo Burnett Chicago has built a full-scale replica of it in a historical building near the museum.

Fans can stay in the room for a maximum of two nights via the Airbnb site. The accommodation is cheap – just $10 a night – though is already booked out through February. Further dates (the room will be available until May 10) will be released at the end of the month.

Airbnb has been very clever with its brand tie-ups of late, with links with Netflix, Bear Grylls and The Jungle Book all resulting in interesting ads or listings. The photos below show how the Art Institute of Chicago tie-up looks, and reveal a nice attention to detail by the creators. We presume the painterly style doesn’t extend to the bathroom though (according to the Airbnb listing, it does come with one).


By Eliza Williams.

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