Web Design

Below are a few examples of some of our work related to web design, web banners and e-books.

Website Design

website design decoenrich
website design edo
The main home page displays the brand color feather against more dull and grey feathers to represent the company’s ability to create unique and outstanding design work.
website design decoenrich
The 3D cube below is actually an interactive navigation tool for the visitor. The cube can be rotated to view different services that are available from the company, the user then clicks the face they are interested in to view more on that particular service.
website design decoenrich
Another interactive 3D pane. Upon navigation to the ‘about us’ section the user is greeted by four photos on an interactive 3D pane that orientates according to the position of mouse cursor.
website design decoenrich
Upon navigation to the green section the navigation bar changes to green to emphasize the company is environmentally friendly.
website design decoenrich
The portfolio and blog menu with the images set at different heights is to represent music notes and piano keys. Combined with background music to deliver a feeling of ‘design is like a melody and can touch your mind’ .

Homepage Banners

Advertising Banners


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